A comparative genomics database for industrial yeast strains

About INDYdb

INDYdb is a database project which aims to provide users with a platform to perform comparative genomic analyses of multiple yeast strains used in biotechnology industry. Although our main focus is on strains used in bioethanol production, we plan to grow and expand the database to include industrial yeasts all types of applications. Our main goal is to provide structural and functional gene annotations for each of the assemblies using an unified pipeline that can produce consistent results, allowing easy comparison among strains for scientists and professionals around the world .

Explore the strains currently used by INDYdb. Find the one best suited for you and download its genome sequence, annotation files (GFF format) and gene and/or protein sequences.

Explore the gene currently annotated by INDYdb. We provide summarized reports on each gene as well as supporting files with multiple sequence alignment and variant calls.

Time is valuable, so why waste it manually searching INDYdb for that optimal target? Use our API to perform complex queries directly to our SQL database and extract meaningful biological results with optimal performance.

Sometimes, the only option is to go Old School. Use this page to navigate our database directly and download files to your computer.

INDYdb is an initiative by the Laboratory of Integrative and Systemic Biology (LaBIS). It was founded in June 2014 and it's located at Center for Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering (CBMEG) at the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP). Our main mission is to use computational biology to understand the intricate relationships within the biological systems from organisms of economic and scientific relevance.


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