YRF1-1 (YDR545W)

Gene profile

Gene name: YRF1-1
Reference locus (S288C): YDR545W
Gene biotype: protein_coding

Description: Helicase encoded by the Y' element of subtelomeric regions; highly expressed in the mutants lacking the telomerase component TLC1; potentially phosphorylated by Cdc28p

Top 10 interactors (score): YDR545C-A (0.918); YLL066C (0.873); YLL067C (0.873); YIL177C (0.873); YML133C (0.873); YJL225C (0.873); YEL077C (0.873); YRF1-4 (0.872); YRF1-7 (0.872); YRF1-2 (0.872); YBL112C (0.872); YRF1-5 (0.872); YRF1-3 (0.872); YBL113C (0.872); YHL050C (0.872); YHR218W (0.872); YRF1-6 (0.872); YHR219W (0.872); YBL111C (0.868); YDR543C (0.865)

Homologues (species, bitscore): EIF4A1 (Homo sapiens, 51.2); Eif4a1 (Mus musculus, 51.2); mia3 (Danio rerio, 57.4); eif4a1 (Xenopus tropicalis, 51.2); CG15765 (Drosophila melanogaster, 72.8); inf-1 (Caenorhabditis elegans, 52.8)

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Comparative analysis of strains

Search table

strain assembly application macro_region gene_coord geneID rnaID protID %id %cov_exon status copyNumber copyID nORFs match_ref_CDS validORF missing_startCodon missing_stopCodon outOfFrame_stopCodon
CAT1 GCA_001738705.1 Bioethanol South America CM005532.1:4667-5322:- gene-YDR545W_CAT1 rna-NM_001180853.1_CAT1 cds-NP_010834.1_CAT1 11.2 12.1 Verified 1 1 0 False False False True False
NCIM3186 GCA_001029075.1 Bioethanol Asia CP011813.1:1526244-1531634:+ gene-YDR545W_NCIM3186 rna-NM_001180853.1_NCIM3186 cds-NP_010834.1_NCIM3186 99.9 100.0 Verified 1 1 1 False True False False False
S288C GCF_000146045.2 Laboratory Not applicable NC_001136.10:1526321-1531711:+ gene-YDR545W_S288C rna-NM_001180853.1_S288C cds-NP_010834.1_S288C 100.0 100.0 Verified 1 1 1 True True False False False
Sparadoxus GCF_002079055.1 Not applicable Not applicable NC_047500.1:468-5879:- gene-YDR545W_Sparadoxus rna-NM_001180853.1_Sparadoxus cds-NP_010834.1_Sparadoxus 97.0 99.7 Mismatch 1 1 1 False True False False False

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