PAU16 (YKL224C)

Gene profile

Gene name: PAU16
Reference locus (S288C): YKL224C
Gene biotype: protein_coding

Description: Seripauperin-16; Protein of unknown function; member of the seripauperin multigene family encoded mainly in subtelomeric regions; SWAT-GFP and mCherry fusion proteins localize to the vacuole; Belongs to the SRP1/TIP1 family. Seripauperin subfamily

Top 10 interactors (score): PAU2 (0.988); PAU3 (0.988); PAU4 (0.988); PAU24 (0.988); PAU19 (0.988); PAU15 (0.988); PAU6 (0.975); PAU18 (0.975); PAU14 (0.975); PAU8 (0.975); PAU1 (0.975); PAU11 (0.975); PAU13 (0.975); PAU12 (0.975); PAU5 (0.969); PAU10 (0.969); PAU20 (0.928); PAU17 (0.91); YKL223W (0.872); PAU7 (0.868)

Homologues (species, bitscore): Unknown

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Comparative analysis of strains

Search table

strain assembly application macro_region gene_coord geneID rnaID protID %id %cov_exon status copyNumber copyID nORFs match_ref_CDS validORF missing_startCodon missing_stopCodon outOfFrame_stopCodon
MUCL30388 GCA_001738495.1 Bread Europe CM005439.1:163-525:- gene-YKL224C_MUCL30388 rna-NM_001179789.1_MUCL30388 cds-NP_012698.1_MUCL30388 87.9 97.5 Mismatch 1 1 1 False True False False False
NCIM3186 GCA_001029075.1 Bioethanol Asia CP011820.1:1799-2170:- gene-YKL224C_NCIM3186 rna-NM_001179789.1_NCIM3186 cds-NP_012698.1_NCIM3186 98.9 100.0 Verified 1 1 1 False True False False False
S288C GCF_000146045.2 Laboratory Not applicable NC_001143.9:1810-2181:- gene-YKL224C_S288C rna-NM_001179789.1_S288C cds-NP_012698.1_S288C 100.0 100.0 Verified 1 1 1 True True False False False
VR1 GCA_001738595.1 Bioethanol South America MBVZ01000224.1:40-411:+ gene-YKL224C_VR1 rna-NM_001179789.1_VR1 cds-NP_012698.1_VR1 92.7 100.0 Mismatch 1 1 1 False True False False False
Sparadoxus GCF_002079055.1 Not applicable Not applicable NC_047490.1:4609-4983:- gene-YKL224C_Sparadoxus rna-NM_001179789.1_Sparadoxus cds-NP_012698.1_Sparadoxus 89.0 100.0 Verified 1 1 1 False True False False False

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