MPH2 (YDL247W)

Gene profile

Gene name: MPH2
Reference locus (S288C): YDL247W
Gene biotype: protein_coding

Description: Mfs transporter, sp family, general alpha glucoside:h+ symporter; Alpha-glucosides permease MPH2; Alpha-glucoside permease; transports maltose, maltotriose, alpha-methylglucoside, and turanose; almost identical to Mph3p; encoded in a subtelomeric position in a region likely to have undergone duplication

Top 10 interactors (score): SOR2 (0.867); SOR1 (0.784); MAL13 (0.749); ECM32 (0.73); IMA5 (0.71); YGL262W (0.7); YDL247W-A (0.695); YAL056C-A (0.679); YAL059C-A (0.679); COS7 (0.678); MAL33 (0.671); PAN5 (0.651); MAL12 (0.651); MAL32 (0.569); YPR196W (0.568); AAD4 (0.503); HXT15 (0.485); IMA4 (0.485); IMA1 (0.454); COS12 (0.45)

Homologues (species, bitscore): SLC22A8 (Homo sapiens, 71.2); Slc22a8 (Mus musculus, 65.5); slc2a1b (Danio rerio, 67.0); slc2a13 (Xenopus tropicalis, 69.7); Tret1-1 (Drosophila melanogaster, 73.6); hmit-1.3 (Caenorhabditis elegans, 62.0); PMT2 (Arabidopsis thaliana, 94.4)

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Comparative analysis of strains

Search table

strain assembly application macro_region gene_coord geneID rnaID protID %id %cov_exon status copyNumber copyID nORFs match_ref_CDS validORF missing_startCodon missing_stopCodon outOfFrame_stopCodon
NCIM3186 GCA_001029075.1 Bioethanol Asia CP011813.1:5908-7737:+ gene-YDL247W_NCIM3186 rna-NM_001180307.1_NCIM3186 cds-NP_010034.1_NCIM3186 96.3 100.0 Verified 1 1 1 False True False False False
S288C GCF_000146045.2 Laboratory Not applicable NC_001136.10:5985-7814:+ gene-YDL247W_S288C rna-NM_001180307.1_S288C cds-NP_010034.1_S288C 100.0 100.0 Verified 1 1 1 True True False False False
Sparadoxus GCF_002079055.1 Not applicable Not applicable NC_047490.1:8615-10445:+ gene-YDL247W_Sparadoxus rna-NM_001180307.1_Sparadoxus cds-NP_010034.1_Sparadoxus 88.2 100.0 Verified 1 1 0 False False False True False

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