HSP32 (YPL280W)

Gene profile

Gene name: HSP32
Reference locus (S288C): YPL280W
Gene biotype: protein_coding

Description: Probable glutathione-independent glyoxalase HSP32; Possible chaperone and cysteine protease; required for transcriptional reprogramming during the diauxic shift and for survival in stationary phase; similar to E. coli Hsp31 and S. cerevisiae Hsp31p, Hsp33p, and Sno4p; member of the DJ-1/ThiJ/PfpI superfamily, which includes human DJ-1 involved in Parkinson's disease and cancer; Belongs to the peptidase C56 family. HSP31-like subfamily

Top 10 interactors (score): GLO1 (0.976); GLO4 (0.936); GLO2 (0.933); SNO4 (0.927); GRE2 (0.918); HSP33 (0.906); DLD1 (0.9); DLD3 (0.9); DLD2 (0.9); TRP5 (0.841); CHA1 (0.8); DSD1 (0.8); ILV1 (0.8); ECM10 (0.748); HSP42 (0.742); XDJ1 (0.741); HSP26 (0.712); HSP78 (0.704); DJP1 (0.703); JJJ2 (0.693)

Homologues (species, bitscore): Unknown

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Comparative analysis of strains

Search table

strain assembly application macro_region gene_coord geneID rnaID protID %id %cov_exon status copyNumber copyID nORFs match_ref_CDS validORF missing_startCodon missing_stopCodon outOfFrame_stopCodon
CBS6412 GCA_001738345.1 Sake Asia CM005342.1:5410-6123:+ gene-YPL280W_CBS6412 rna-NM_001184094.1_CBS6412 cds-NP_015043.1_CBS6412 99.2 100.0 Mismatch 1 1 1 False True False False False
NCIM3186 GCA_001029075.1 Bioethanol Asia CP011825.1:11870-12583:+ gene-YPL280W_NCIM3186 rna-NM_001184094.1_NCIM3186 cds-NP_015043.1_NCIM3186 84.8 100.0 Verified 1 1 0 False False True False False
PE2H3 GCA_905220325.1 Bioethanol South America HG994155.1:3122-3836:+ gene-YPL280W_PE2H3 rna-NM_001184094.1_PE2H3 cds-NP_015043.1_PE2H3 99.1 100.0 Unannotated 1 1 0 False False False True False
PE2H4 GCA_905220315.1 Bioethanol South America LR999887.1:3107-3821:+ gene-YPL280W_PE2H4 rna-NM_001184094.1_PE2H4 cds-NP_015043.1_PE2H4 99.3 100.0 Unannotated 1 1 0 False False False True False
S288C GCF_000146045.2 Laboratory Not applicable NC_001148.4:11887-12600:+ gene-YPL280W_S288C rna-NM_001184094.1_S288C cds-NP_015043.1_S288C 100.0 100.0 Verified 1 1 1 True True False False False

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