GEX2 (YKR106W)

Gene profile

Gene name: GEX2
Reference locus (S288C): YKR106W
Gene biotype: protein_coding

Description: Glutathione exchanger 2; Proton:glutathione antiporter; localized to the vacuolar and plasma membranes; expressed at a very low level; potential role in resistance to oxidative stress and modulation of the PKA pathway; GEX2 has a paralog, GEX1, that arose from a segmental duplication

Top 10 interactors (score): VBA3 (0.83); AMF1 (0.813); YMR279C (0.813); VBA5 (0.802); VBA4 (0.762); VBA2 (0.749); VBA1 (0.715); AZR1 (0.714); AFT2 (0.698); ATR1 (0.65); ADP1 (0.585); AFT1 (0.576); SSB1 (0.567); SDP1 (0.566); SMF3 (0.531); OPT2 (0.526); MRS4 (0.518); YCF1 (0.511); GEX1 (0.488); KAR5 (0.451)

Homologues (species, bitscore): Unknown

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Comparative analysis of strains

Search table

strain assembly application macro_region gene_coord geneID rnaID protID %id %cov_exon status copyNumber copyID nORFs match_ref_CDS validORF missing_startCodon missing_stopCodon outOfFrame_stopCodon
BG1 GCA_001932575.1 Bioethanol South America MSHP01000046.1:2-247:+ gene-YKR106W_BG1 rna-NM_001179896.1_BG1 cds-NP_013032.1_BG1 13.1 13.3 Mismatch 1 1 0 False False True False False
CENPK1137D GCA_000269885.1 Laboratory Not Applicable CM001532.1:661119-661810:+ gene-YKR106W_CENPK1137D rna-NM_001179896.1_CENPK1137D cds-NP_013032.1_CENPK1137D 36.7 36.9 Unannotated 1 1 0 False False False True False
PE2H4 GCA_905220315.1 Bioethanol South America LR999874.1:6291-8138:- gene-YKR106W_PE2H4 rna-NM_001179896.1_PE2H4 cds-NP_013032.1_PE2H4 98.3 100.0 Mismatch 1 1 1 False True False False False
S288C GCF_000146045.2 Laboratory Not applicable NC_001143.9:661442-663289:+ gene-YKR106W_S288C rna-NM_001179896.1_S288C cds-NP_013032.1_S288C 100.0 100.0 Verified 1 1 1 True True False False False
ZTW1 GCA_000308935.1 Bioethanol Asia AMDD01000022.1:656832-658679:+ gene-YKR106W_ZTW1 rna-NM_001179896.1_ZTW1 cds-NP_013032.1_ZTW1 98.5 100.0 Mismatch 1 1 1 False True False False False
Sparadoxus GCF_002079055.1 Not applicable Not applicable NC_047489.1:30329-32176:- gene-YKR106W_Sparadoxus rna-NM_001179896.1_Sparadoxus cds-NP_013032.1_Sparadoxus 85.8 100.0 Mismatch 1 1 1 False True False False False

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